Release Date: 1/19/21

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Dielle breaks down the lessons she learned from her most recent launch. This launch was very different from her previous ones. Listen as she shares the ways she kept her positive mindset and perspective for even bigger results.

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Show Notes

I’m going to talk about something that was super fun – creating $60K in sales in 1 launch! This was the easiest launch I’ve had, but it was very different from my previous launches. I experienced the most growth with this launch and I want to share the lessons I learned with you today.

Here are the lesson I Iearned from this successful launch:

  1. I had to tell my brain what was going to happen, instead of waiting for it to happen

 I decided to put in my notice to quit my job before the launch. I had to tell my brain that I was safe and making this decision regardless of how the launch goes.

  1. Be delusional

The definition of “delusional” is having unshakable belief in something that is untrue. The future is all untrue because it hasn’t happened yet. So choose to believe in the future that you want!

  1. Slow and steady wins the race

In the past with my launches, I’ve had a lot of interest in the beginning, a long and slow midpoint, and then it picks up again at the end. This time there wasn’t a lot of action in the beginning but I trusted the process and let it happen person by person.

  1. You are never above sales calls

Before this launch I didn’t do a lot of sales calls. But I had a nudge to do them this time and I’m so glad I did because I learned so much about my ideal clients to refine my message. 

5. It is okay to scale!

You will limit yourself if you’re afraid to grow. The thought I’m choosing is “more clients = more community = more support = more results.” Growing and scaling helps everyone.

This was an incredible launch and I learned so much. I hope these lessons help you, too!

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18: Lessons from 100% Close Rate and a $60K Launch

January 19, 2021

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