Release Date: 1/12/21

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You can cultivate an abundance mindset no matter what your bank account looks like. Dielle walks you through the shifts you need to make in your thinking to overcome the negative energy you have around money and set yourself up for success.

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A lot of us have a lot of stories and trauma around money that are holding us back. Things that happened in our childhood could still be affecting us today, whether we realize it or not.

I want to help you get clean energy around money. Your energy around money will greatly affect your ability to grow in your business the way that you want to grow. 

So I created this episode to really help you find abundance, help you get clean with money, help you get more neutral with money, so that it frees up your brain to start thinking about the things that are actually going to make you more money!

1 shift you need to understand about money…there will never be enough of it to your brain

Here are the shifts you need to make in your thinking:

  1. Know that there will never be enough money to satisfy your brain

Your brain will always want more. What you really need is food, shelter, and love. When you can remind your brain that you have those things, you’ll immediately feel better. 

  1. Find happiness right where you are

Another exercise you can do is ask yourself how you would be okay if your current situation was your situation for the rest of your life? Where can you find happiness right where you are? Your current circumstances don’t dictate how we think and feel. The choice is yours. It’s not easy, but it is simple.

  1. Safety is not a number, it is a feeling

The beauty of this is you can feel safe right now, today. No amount of money can make you feel safe. You have to allow yourself to feel safe. You can give your brain permission to feel safe.

Those are the three different exercises and shifts you can make when you are feeling lack to step into abundance. This is so important so you can show up in the way that would compel someone to hire you.

Getting clean with my money has been the best thing for my business, for me as a coach, and for my personal finances. And I want that for you, too!

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17: Finding Abundance Regardless of your Bank Account

January 12, 2021

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