A Coach Who's Already Played the Game

If you went back far enough, you might’ve met a version of me that was underpaid, overworked, and begging for a way out of my 9-5 social work job, making $2500 a month. Today, I am a seven-figure earner with a simple and wildly profitable online coaching business, and I want to help other women of color experience full Freedom and Liberation.

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I believe...


Entrepreneurship is the key to emancipation 


The right mindset can move mountains


Having more means healing more


You may think you’re not ready to start a coaching business. You may think you’re too busy or too green to dive into entrepreneurship. But I’m here to prove that you are, in fact, ready. Because, spoiler alert, there may never be a perfect time to get started, but through my years of experience as a social worker, my extensive education, and my learned expertise in the online coaching world, I’ve created a formula to help you jump in with confidence. And if you need proof, look no further than my story. I went from a struggling social worker to a multi-six-figure earner using this exact formula.

Today I empower women of color with high-converting sales strategies and generational changing mindset work all over the world to dismantle white supremacy, the patriarchy, and societal norms, by helping them build wildly profitable online coaching businesses. Those clients who have committed to doing the work, have seen the results that I have and are on their way to building the empires, legacies, and generational wealth they so deserve.

After a demanding 9-5 job as a social worker at Duke University, I would commute 3 hours, go home, turn off my employee brain, and put in work to unlearn internalized white supremacist business practices–and develop new ones–to build a business that would surpass my ancestors’ wildest dreams. Through research, intention, goal setting, and a lot of trial and error, I eventually unlocked the formula that helped me grow my client list, scale my business, and experience true financial freedom enough to quit my 9-5 job, hit six figures, and even 7 figures in a 12 month period, without a huge following.

When my dream employer called to offer me a job just a few months shy of completing my masters program, I thought, “momma, I made it.” When I got off the phone, however, all I had “made” was an agreement to take a job that barely covered my monthly student loan payments. It was rough. So, I started a coaching business on the side to help me make ends meet.