Release Date: 11/10/20

Episode Summary

Dielle talks with health and fitness coach Sam Lee about her recent five figure launch where she only sold one-on-one coaching. Sam shares how she is able to grow and prioritize her business with everything else she has going on in her busy life. 

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Show Notes

Today I’m talking with my client Sam Lee, a health and fitness coach.

Sam helps busy women BURN FAT & tone their body without doing HOURS of cardio through corrective weightlifting.

Sam shares everything she has going on and how she wasn’t prioritizing her business at first. She was struggling with limited beliefs that kept her thinking big success wasn’t possible for her.

But after working with me, Sam learned to make quick decisions and take action and she started seeing results.

Sam also talks about the powerful identity shift she made to think of herself as a coach, even before she had clients. 

I hope you are inspired by Sam’s story and how she was able to reach her first five figure launch. 

People often don’t give one-on-one coaching enough credit as a real money maker. Let Sam’s success prove that it can be done!

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8: Client Spotlight: Sam Lee – Creating a Five Figure Launch as a Health Coach

November 10, 2020

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