Release Date: 11/17/20

Episode Summary

Dielle shares the characteristics of her successful clients so you can see what it takes to find your own success. If you’ve considered coaching (or a group program or a mastermind), listen in to hear how to ensure you benefit from your investment.

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Show Notes

I’m sharing the characteristics of my successful clients today.

I get a lot of questions from people asking about joining my programs and they want to know if they’ll be a good fit for the program or if they can make it work for them.

So I’m outlining all of the characteristics that my successful clients have here. I want you to see that you will find success if you go into any program if you embody these traits and characteristics.

The characteristics that all of my successful clients have are:

  1. They are strong decision makers (they don’t wait for thigs to happen to them)

These people don’t spin out in overwhelm or second guess themselves, they make quick decisions and take action.

  1. They know what they need to improve on (without someone telling them)

These people have a lot of self awareness so they know what they need to do to get closer to their goal.

  1. They get what they came for (instead of looking for it)

If these people need information that isn’t being addressed, they ask for help with their specific problem.

  1. They come prepared to coaching calls (instead of just expecting answers)

These people come to coaching calls with what they’ve tried, what isn’t working, and possible solutions.

  1. They focus on getting results (instead of feeling down about not having results)

These people take ownership and can get straight to strategies and tactics to make improvements, instead of needing to be coached through their feelings.

  1. They embrace failure as their biggest teacher (instead of complain about their progress)

If these people are failing, they recognize that the failure is providing knowledge and they use it to make adjustments.

  1. They have the long-term game in mind (instead of just trying to make money)

These people have goals and they know they want to grow their business. They are committed to becoming a CEO.

My most successful clients are willing to work hard, get scrappy, and fail a lot. 

I hope this helps you see the ways you can be successful and take ownership of your journey, just like my previous clients.

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9: Characteristics of My Successful Clients

November 17, 2020

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