Release Date: 10/27/20

Episode Summary

Dielle talks about goal setting and why it is so important. She walks you through the steps you can take to set an income goal and outlines the questions you should ask yourself as you move forward. Make sure you’re setting specific income goals and sticking to them for success in your business.

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Show Notes

Let’s talk about goal setting. The number one way for a business to fail is to not set goals, particularly income goals.

If you don’t set goals you will make money but not know where it is going. This happened to me in 2019 and I’m so glad I got more intentional with a specific goal for 2020.

  1. Set a financial goal

What do you want in life? Get very specific on this and that will help you determine what number to use as your goal. Just focus on the next step to get to your dream life.

  1. Break your number into quarterly and monthly benchmarks

This is just math! 

  1. Put your goal first

Now that you have your goal, you need to put it first. When you make decisions in your business, this is the filter that you need to run all of your decisions through. Will doing this thing bring me closer to my goal?

The hardest part about having an income goal and working towards it is starting. Your brain will tell you all these stories about why this isn’t going to work. But the reality is that you have enough to get started.

Once you get started, you shift your mindset and you’ll see results.

The second hardest part is saying “no.” You’ll have to say no to other things that you could spend your money on. But remember how you want to feel at the end of the year when you reach your goal.

Don’t get distracted and or give in to instant gratification.

Focus on your income goal, focus on the thing you want the most and you will get it!

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6: Creating Income Goals as an Online Coach

October 27, 2020

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