Release Date: 10/20/20

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Dielle talks with her long-time client Katie J about her business success and how she is now able to book clients in advance. Katie J is a manifestation coach who specializes in law of attraction and spiritual feminine manifestation. She shares how her business has evolved and how innovative thinking and small changes have given her the freedom she wanted.

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Show Notes

I’m talking today with my long-time client Katie J!

Katie J. Jones is a Manifestation Coach, Women’s Circle Facilitator, 300-Hour Certified Yoga Teacher, and Spiritual Meditation Guide. Her mission is to help the world heal through the power of aligned, intentional manifestation.

When I first met Katie J years ago, I knew she had so much to offer. But she was really selling herself short with underpriced courses. She tells us how she was able to get aligned with her ideal clients and create offers that serve them better and bring in more money.

Katie J says to be a super attractor in your business, then it is really about reconnecting with your own truth and your own story and having the structure of what a business can look like.

Katie J also talks about how she prioritizes living near nature because that is important to her. It allows her to take intentional breaks to express gratitude and emerge refreshed daily. Breaks also help her receive new ideas.

She shares the manifestation practices she used during her latest successful launch and walks us through what she did to reach her goals.

I’ve loved working with Katie J and I hope this conversation inspires you to show up the way you are.

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5: Client Spotlight: Katie J – Booking Clients In Advance as a Manifestation Coach

October 20, 2020

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