Release Date: 4/27/21

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Dielle talks about the ways to find joy in one on one coaching. She shares practical tips to set up your coaching business in a way that helps you avoid burnout while getting your clients the results they want.

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Do you dread one on one coaching? Maybe you think it takes too much time or is draining?

If so, the problem may not be one on one coaching itself. It may be with you!

I want to help you find the absolute joy in one on one coaching. 

The first reason for one on one coaching is mastery. You need to master your skill to grow your business. 

Here are a few ways to make one on one coaching work for you, instead of the other way around.

Regarding your schedule, you do not have to set up your schedule like anyone else. My favorite tips are as follows:

  • Schedule 45 or 50 minute sessions instead of 60 minutes
  • Schedule all of your sessions on the same day and group them together
  • Add a siesta into your day

Freedom is not a specific schedule, it is your thoughts about your schedule. So you get to decide to feel free if that serves you.

Another tip is to make sure your clients prepare to talk with you, instead of you preparing notes notes and outlines for your sessions. This is your clients’ coaching experience, let them take ownership of that to really get the results they want. 

I would argue that you can scale one on one coaching. You can work the same amount of time (or even less time!) and make more money. Simply charge more because you have mastered coaching. 

A tip to manage your energy is to stay present with your clients on their calls. We often feel drained of energy because we’re not focused on the moment.

And, let’s talk about boundaries in communication. You do not have to use apps to communicate in between sessions. You get to decide how to handle this.

If you want to know when you are fully booked, look at your calendar and note all of the time you have available to coach. Once you fill those spots, you are fully booked!

Do not let your clients book their calls whenever they want each week. Provide some structure to your schedule by sticking to a consistent plan each week.

So, here is the most mind boggling shift in thinking to enjoy one on one coaching – what an honor, privilege, and dream job it is to be able to hold space for someone.

Any time you are considering doing something else or feeling burnt out, tap into that gratitude to bring the joy back.

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42: The Joy of 1:1 Coaching

April 27, 2021

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