Release Date: 4/20/21

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Dielle shares about a new launch strategy, building a movement with your coaching business. She shares what movements are, why they are so powerful, and how to determine the movement you can use in your business to impact hundreds and thousands of people.

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Today I’m talking about a new launch strategy, building a movement with your coaching business. This is an advanced strategy for those who have made over $50k in their coaching business.

Recently a client asked me what my launch content calendar looked like for my 6 figure launch. That is when I realized that I actually didn’t have a content calendar to tell me what to post and when to post it!

What I did have was the foundation of a movement. It was a movement of women of color who are creating their own legacy and wealth through the vehicle of having a simple, high ticket coaching business.

A simple content strategy will only get you so far. But if you want to lead hundreds and eventually thousands of people to enroll in your program, you have to lead them through building a movement.

What is a movement? It is when you lead a group of people to achieve a particular goal. It has to be something that you and others deeply care about.

This is a new launch strategy because people don’t want to be sold to. They want to be led toward their own goals, values, and ideal reality.

So, if you want to have a business that impacts thousands of people, you have to think about how you’re going to lead the masses. Anchoring your business behind a movement will stand the test of time.

Movements don’t have to have a ton of people, they just need your people. And a few of your people can get you very far.

What would be your movement? Here are a few ways to figure that out:

  • Think about your ‘why’? What is your ‘why’ for you? What is your ‘why’ for your loved ones? Why does your business exist for the world?
  • Think about what your clients want, then discover the reasons behind that
  • Look at your own story to make it more concrete

Once you’ve determined your movement, share it through your marketing. It’s not about convincing people to join your movement, it’s about shouting your battle cry and allowing it to resonate with what you’re doing.

Remember, people want to be led. So lead them! 

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41: The New Launch Strategy: How to build a movement with your coaching business

April 20, 2021

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