Release Date: 3/30/21

Episode Summary

Dielle talks with her client Cat, a business and sales coach, about her journey and her advice on sales. Cat is an action-taker who learned the value of thought work to simplify her business and really find success with ease. She shares her best sales tips and the value of finding your authentic self.

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Show Notes

I’m sharing a rebroadcast of my conversation with my client Cat today.

Cat is also a business and sales coach and we talk about her journey, her experience in the FIve Figure Formula, and about sales. She loves the work she is doing now and says for the first time in her life she feels like she is doing what she is meant to do.

Cat says she is an action-taker and made a lot of progress with what she had learned from digital marketers. But once she was in the Five Figure Formula the magic really happened.

She shares that thoughtwork has been huge for her in helping her to slow down, stop pushing her business, and take the time to learn what she needed to.

Once you really believe you can help people it becomes easier to sell because you know the impact of your work.

Her best advice for people when it comes to sales is to tap into who they really are and show up in an authentic way. And of course you have to make offers and give calls to actions so they know how they can work with you!

I love working with Cat and hope her story helps you see how you can have success your way too!

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36: Five Figures Is Just The Beginning: How Cat Created $27k in 2 Months – Rebroadcast

March 30, 2021

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