Release Date: 4/2/21

Episode Summary

Dielle talks with her client Kristel about getting her business off the ground while keeping her cool and working her full time job. She shares her path to becoming a feminine embodiment coach and how she disconnected from so called success to create her own path.

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Show Notes

My client Kristel works a full time job and lives in the beautiful country of Aruba.

When Kristel met me, she was so shocked at how valuable my podcast was and had to learn more about joining the Five Figure Formula.

Once she joined, she was able to sign her first few clients, get on radio interviews, and have a collaboration series that has experts all over the world.

In this interview I learned all about how she was able to get her business off the ground while still keeping her cool.

Here is what she talked about:

  • How she became a feminine embodiment coach
  • What it’s like building a business with a 9-5 job
  • Why the Formula is one of the best programs for side hustlers
  • How she disconnected from so called success and create her own path

For Kristel, this is just the beginning and it’s the beginning for you too!

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37: Get Started Now: How Kristel signed her first three clients inside of the Formula

April 2, 2021

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