Release Date: 10/6/20

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Do you have launch trauma? If you have negative feelings about launching then listen in as Dielle shares 6 different tips and strategies you can use to help overcome launch trauma and believe that anything is possible for your next successful launch.

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Do you have launch trauma?

Launch trauma is when a launch didn’t go as planned so you have thoughts and feelings about yourself because of it.  And because of that you have negative feelings about trying to launch again.

Launch trauma is extremely normal. And you can have launch trauma whether or not you hit your goals.

I have experienced launch trauma and I have coached my clients through it.

So here are 6 different tips and strategies to share with you to help you overcome launch trauma:

1. Launching doesn’t have to do with you as a person

2. The more mindset work you do before the launch, the easier it is

3. Create launch beliefs

4. Always remember that ideal clients are watching you during your entire launch

5. You will not remember the people who said no to you

6. Ask yourself how you want to remember yourself during your launch

I hope this helps you and you go into your next launch believing that anything is possible!

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3: How To Overcome Launch Trauma

October 6, 2020

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