Release Date: 3/16/21

Episode Summary

Dielle shares a concept she introduced inside of the Five Figure Formula, the basics of being booked out. She explains what the basics are, and how you can be fully booked out and scale to multiple six figures by just focusing on these 3 things. Listen in to make sure you don’t get distracted by all the online noise before you master the basics!

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Show Notes

I’m excited to talk all about the basics of being booked out!

This is a concept that I introduced at my 6 figure live event, which is a 3 day virtual event that I did inside the Five Figure Formula. This training was by far the favorite, so I’m going to share some of that here with you here today.

The online space is noisy, and there are so many things that distract us from what should be our main focus, our clients.

So when we get back to the basics, that looks like:

People + value + making an offer = a client

You can be fully booked out and scale to multiple six figures by just focusing on those things.

Every business question you have should go back to these basics.


You need people in your audience in order to make an offer to them. And you need the right people!


You need to give something before you get something. You can give value in any way on any platform.

Making an Offer

People don’t know how to pay you if you don’t tell them! You actually have to ask for the sale and make an offer.

You need to master the basics so they become second nature and ultimately getting clients is easy. But trying to do so many extra things distracts you from the important things.

Your brain likes to tell you things can’t be simple, but challenge that! 

Inside the Five Figure Formula I teach how you can master the basics on a whole new level. The basics serve as your foundation in business.

Apply for the Five Figure Formula so you can master the basics and easily grow your business.

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32: The Basics of being Booked Out: The Formula Revealed

March 16, 2021

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