Release Date: 12/1/20

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Dielle talks all about consistent income. She shares the mindset you need around it and the strategies you can put in place in your business to create your own consistent income plan. 

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I’m excited to talk to you today about creating consistent income.

So many of us are used to a salary and getting paid the same amount each month. But that is just one way to get paid, there are many different ways to get paid!

Consistent income is actually an end result. It is what happens when you do a series of things that happen over time. 

Consistent income happens when you are consistent in your business.

Three things that really can affect your ability to have consistent income are:

  1. Your bounce back rate

When you have setbacks in your business, if you can’t bounce back quickly then you’re not going to be able to achieve consistent income.

  1. Growth mindset vs. instant gratification

You have to make decisions for the long term. You can’t only be short-sighted and try to rush results and expect consistent income.

  1. Your ability to overcome barriers

Ask yourself why aren’t you where you want to be. Then ask yourself what you need to do to get there. Those two answers will help you see what barriers you need to overcome and how you can overcome them.

Here are some strategies you need to implement for consistent income

  • Consistent lead generation
  • Consistent selling
  • Getting consistent results for referrals

Consistent income comes with time, you do have to give your business long enough time to generate consistent income. So work on your mindset and be consistent with the strategies you use to build your business and you will get there!

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11: Creating Your Consistent Income Plan

December 1, 2020

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