Release Date: 10/6/20

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Dielle talks about the concept of independent beliefs. She shares how to create your own independent beliefs so you can get off of the entrepreneurial roller coaster and stop relying on external factors to validate your success.

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Show Notes

We often look outside of ourselves to validate whether or not we’re going to be successful. We want things like a certain number of followers or a certain amount in our bank accounts. We use those metrics to define our success.

But our thoughts, emotions, actions, and results will change constantly if they’re in the hands of external circumstances.

So I developed a tool to help get off of the entrepreneurial roller coaster, the concept of independent beliefs.

What can I believe in on my own without anything or anyone? What can I think and feel about myself that has nothing to do with anything in my external circumstances?

This is a powerful shift that will set you free in your business.

Independent beliefs are probably one of the most difficult things that you can do mentally. Your brain will say one thing and you have to override it and say something else.

But realize that external validation is temporary and when you have your own independent beliefs they are yours to use consistently.

So how can you create your own independent beliefs that will help you succeed.

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October 6, 2020

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