Leads To Leave For WOC Part Time Coaches

A free 3-day sales series live with Dielle Charon teaching you how to create an audience of ideal client leads who are ready to buy so you can quit your job and become a full time coach. 


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JUNE 14 - JUNE 16

In this FREE SALES SERIES, I will teach you:

The #1 reason WOC part time coaches can’t quit their jobs.

How I built an audience of ideal clients who were ready in less than 1 hour a week

How I saved a years salary from my business in just 4 months to confidently quit my job with a small audience

How to sell so you can create a full time income on part time hours.

This is the year where you will learn how to build an audience and sell so you can quit your racist job. 

You don’t need more content, more social media platforms, and more copy prompts in order to make sales to quit your full time job. 

You don’t need more. That’s just the white supremacy talking. 

You need one thing: Leads. 

The number one thing you need to make sales and quit your full time job it's to have leads in your audience. 

Leads will buy coaching programs, leads get sold to on your sales calls, and leads help you become a full time coach. 

It’s time to quit your job in 2023. 

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As WOC, we’ve been taught that we need to do so many things in order to create our freedom. But inside of this 3 day series, I’m going to teach you that you just need one thing. Leads. 

I worked as a social worker making $2500 a month in my 9-5 job while I side hustled and grew my business to $300k. I see new coaches make a ton of mistakes when it comes to being a full time coach and I am covering all of them in this new training. 

In the Lead to Leave free 3-day sales series, I will show you the exact roadmap and transition I made from a side hustler making $2k a month to a full time coach making $20k months in less than a year with a small audience that was full of leads who were ready to buy.

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JUNE 14 - JUNE 16