Make a Full Time Income on Part Time Hours as a WOC Coach

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I will show you the exact roadmap and transition I made from a side hustler making $2k a month to a full time coach making $20k months in less than a year with a small audience.


In this webinar, I will teach you:

The #1 reason WOC part time coaches can't make a full time income

How I made $50k-100k in my coaching business while still working my 9-5 job

How you can make a full time income without sacrificing your family or overwhelming your husband/partner

How you will make the most amount of sales at the end of the year without burning out

Special ONE PRIVATE 1:1 CALL bonus for joining Five Figure Freedom directly after the webinar at our PRICE OF $2500 FOR 12 MONTHS ACCESS

This is the year where you will learn how to sell so you can make a full time income on part time hours as a WOC coach.

Even if your boss is nice, your job has benefits, free conferences, and you love the office - your job is still RACIST. 

It’s time to leave the microaggression, demanding work schedule, time away from your family, and the white supremacy culture looming over every time you walk on your 9-5. And step into the complete financial, emotional, and time Freedom of being a full time coach. 

The number one skill you need to quit your racist job and become a full time coach is SALES.  

Learn the core sales strategies you need to make enough money to be a full time coach and sustain your income for years to come without being salesy.

Selling will help you create a padded savings account, a line of clients who are ready to work with you, and complete confidence and safety that you made the right decision to be a full time coach. 

It’s time to quit your racist job.

I worked as a social worker making $2500 a month in my 9-5 job while I side hustled and grew my business to $300k. I see new coaches make a ton of mistakes when it comes to being a full time coach and I am covering all of them in this new training.

Hi, I’m Dielle.

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