Release Date: 5/25/21

Episode Summary

Dielle shares an episode from her podcast archive, back when she was a side hustler. In this episode, she shares 19 lessons she learned in her time as a side hustler. Learn how you can avoid these mistakes and get yourself closer to going full time in your business.

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Show Notes

Today I’m sharing another episode from my podcast archive! This is from my time as a side hustler and I’m breaking down 19 lessons I learned.

Here are 19 things I learned:

  1. You do not have to buy everything
  2. Your fears and doubts will be the #1 things that kill your business
  3. Follow through on everything
  4. Invest in things that you’re currently struggling with
  5. Be social on social media
  6. Just do one thing
  7. Read more books
  8. Think about things before you move forward
  9. Stay in your own lane
  10. Get in the DMs
  11. Stop comparing yourself to others
  12. Working with the right clients is always better than 100s of the wrong ones
  13. Think, believe, and release
  14. Sell a lot more 
  15. Give more 
  16. You have to believe
  17. If it keeps coming back to you, it’s not going away
  18. Work a little bit harder
  19. Focus on money mindset

I hope these lessons help inspire you to make the right next moves for yourself and your business!

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46: Learn from Side Hustler Dielle: 19 Lessons For Side Hustlers

May 25, 2021

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