Release Date: 4/6/21

Episode Summary

Dielle and her client Harleny, a social work career coach, talk about balancing her day job and her business and the mindset work she’s done to find success. Harleny shares what she used to think about debt and how the Five Figure Formula helped her get unstuck.

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Show Notes

I’m rebroadcasting my conversation with my client Harleny today.

Harleny is a social work career coach and works a 9-5 job. She has a mission of helping other social workers get paid.

But this wasn’t her only mission.

She also wanted her business to fund her wildest dreams. She wanted her business to help her pay off debt, get a house, and get out of NYC.

For a while, she had money mindset issues and struggled to release herself around the story of her debt.

Through a ton of inner work, coaching inside of the Formula, and a little bit of a belief, now Harleny will be debt free by May 2021!

Here is what we discuss in this live:

  • How Harleny manages her full time job and her business
  • How she used to think about her debt and why it was keeping her stuck
  • How she learned the secret to releasing the shame about her debt
  • Why she loves the Formula and how it changed her life.

Listen to this conversation to get all of the details!

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38: Five Figures is just the Beginning: How Harleny is becoming Financially Free from her business income using the Formula

April 6, 2021

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