Release Date: 2/9/21

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Dielle talks with her client Andrea Ramos, a money coach, about her experience with coaching and the way it has transformed her business and allowed her to better serve her clients. Andrea shares what she has learned and how it has contributed to her success.

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Show Notes

Today I’m talking to another one of my successful clients, Andrea Ramos. 

The way Andrea talks about and handles money is from a place of such peace and calm that a lot of people don’t feel. I love watching her! 

Like a lot of people, Andrea had cold feet when it came to investing in coaching. She had made some investments in the past that didn’t pay off so she really questioned if this investment was worthy.

She says that ultimately she had to let go of the guilt from her previous investment and acknowledge the good and lessons that did come from it.

Andrea walks us through how she felt when she made her first offer to people. She says her heart was beating so fast and it was challenging. But she remembers feeling the shift where she truly believed in the value of her offer and showed up from a place of service.

I ask Andrea what her best advice would be for someone who is coming from a place of lack with money. She says the biggest thing is to step into the identity that you can manage your money well. You may not know how to do that yet, but realize that you will get there.

Andrea says she realized that coaching is an investment instead of an expense and really saw the payoff. 

I hope Andrea’s story has helped you realize the power of coaching and see that success like hers can be yours too!

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February 9, 2021

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