Release Date: 2/2/21

Episode Summary

Dielle talks with her client Cheryl Lau, a side hustle coach, about her business success and the advice she has for others. They discuss how Cheryl has done things her own way, the mindset shifts she’s made, her initial resistance to coaching, and how she gets everything done with her busy life!

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Show Notes

I’m talking with one of my incredible clients, Cheryl Lau today. 

Cheryl is a Side Hustle Coach who helps her clients launch an impactful business and sign consistent clients in 0 – 2 hours a day.

Cheryl shares how she set up her business in a way that works for her and how she was able to find success.

I want my clients in the Five Figure Formula to double their investment in 90 days, and Cheryl actually tripled her investment!

Cheryl talks about struggling with what people will think about her and her business and how she shifted her mindset around this to be at peace with her actions and decisions. Instead of worrying about what would get the most “likes” on social media, she started to focus on what people really needed to see and hear from her and that really got results.

Cheryl also talks about her experience in the Five Figure Formula and how she wasn’t too sure about joining a group coaching program at first, but now she loves the experience and how much she gets out of it.

Cheryl is busy, and when I ask her how she does everything that she does, she chooses what to sacrifice and stays very committed to her planner and calendar.

I hope you’ve loved getting to learn more about Cheryl as much as I’ve loved being a part of being a part of her journey!

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February 2, 2021

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