Release Date: 12/22/20

Episode Summary

Dielle talks about the work she has done on identity development and the 3 big identity shifts she made in 2020. These changes allowed her to change her bank account as she stepped into the role of a successful entrepreneur. 

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Show Notes

Today we’re continuing our theme for December of reflections and lessons learned in 2020. 

I love taking time to document this, because there will come a time when this will not be as impactful as it is right now. So I know later on I’ll be glad I recorded my current thoughts and captured this moment.

Identity development is one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in 2020. 

These are the 3 big identity shifts that I have made this year that have allowed me to have the success I now have.

  1. I shifted from being a struggling social worker to a successful entrepreneur
  2. I healed shame and trauma
  3. I decided to pay myself

Remember, external circumstances are not running your life. Your identity is allowing it to be so.

Are you ready to choose your higher self? Find that version of yourself and ask her what she would do. Then do that!

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14: Changing your Identity to Change your Bank Account

December 22, 2020

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