Release Date: 12/15/20

Episode Summary

Dielle tells us how she was able to work a full time job while she worked and grew her coaching business on the side. She shares the specific actions she took that enabled her to find the time, money, and mindset to make this work.

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Show Notes

As many of you know, I am leaving my full time job soon! But I want you to know that I started my coaching business in 2018 so there have been 2 years of me working my full time job AND my coaching business together.

Today I want to talk about the things I’ve learned juggling a full time job and growing a multiple six figure coaching business on the side.

  1. How to connect my dream to my current sacrifices (aka – making it work)
  2. Only selling high ticket
  3. Stepping into my identity as an online coach
  4. Saving my money
  5. Being okay with people who don’t get it
  6. Coming to peace with my job and my debt
  7. Leaning on God

But how did I do all of this? Let me break things down for you.

How did I do coaching calls? On my lunch breaks, in the evenings, and on Sundays. (I always took Saturdays off to rest.)

How much did I charge my very first client? $1,500

Where did I first find my clients? Facebook Groups

Where do I create content? Instagram, my Podcast, and in my email marketing. (I used to also have a Facebook Group.)

What were my best investments? Coaching! (My first investment was a 1:1 coach and then her group program, 1:1 business coach, 1:1 life coach, and a high end mastermind soon.)

Did I have anyone on my team? Yes, my first hire was a podcast manager and then much later a VA.

How did I grow and stack my income? I kept signing clients.

The best thing I did to manage my energy? I never complained.

I hope this episode inspires you to see how you can make your business work too. If you keep your focus on your goals and implement these strategies anything is possible!

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13: How I Worked a Full Time Job and Made Multiple Six Figures in my Coaching Business

December 15, 2020

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